Franco (The Hydrolic) Seaman

About Franco:

“I started powerlifting November 2018, after i was always in the gym and come from an iron back ground as my dad was a huge sports and gym fan. Kym Travis Hirshovitz said to me one night stop wasting your time and do powerlifting…well since then I don’t look back and love every moment from it.

I started taking it serious and entered a comp, a fundraiser for dog food organised by OTG club just for deadlift and I far surprised myself with a wopping 300kg lift after I was only comfortable with 280kg. There the beast mode bit me and I entered raise the bar full raw powerliting comp for the first time.

There i came first in the 140kg class with a total of 790kg with squat 280 bench 210 and deadlift 300. I won the trophy for best male novest lifter at the comp as well.

Thereafter I entered wpc pretoria and came first in the 140kg class national with a total of 820kg, 320kg squat 200kg bench and 300kg deadlift. I was chosen to represent wpc South Africa in Finland 6 Nov 2019 against 42 countries.

Now I’m going to do Iron Gladiators on the 16th of November and well targets for now are silent as well as my weight class…need something to look forward to!”

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